Estate Planning and Probate

New Baby in the Family? Time to do Some Estate Planning

What’s Going on with the Estate Tax?

Estate Planning for Digital Assets

Estate Planning for Digital Assets: an Update!

Estate Planning for Retirement Accounts

Anonymous Gifts to Charity

DOMA’s down, so what happens now?

Why have an attorney prepare your will?

When do I need to update my will?

Estate Planning Means Planning for Life: where estate planning and elder law meet

What happens to a deceased person’s property if no one comes to claim it?

Where to keep your Last Will

What was that about Capital Gains? State of the Union Address, 2015

The Use of Trusts in Estate Planning

VA and Medicaid

Nursing Home Medicaid and Estate Recovery: Will They Take my House?

What Happens When the Money Runs Out?  (Medicaid and Long-term Care in Georgia)

Paying for Assisted Living

Veterans Administration Pension: who qualifies?

Veterans Administration Pension Benefits: Aid & Attendance

VA Proposes New Rules Including Asset Transfer Penalties

Long Term Care

When is the Right Time to Start Long-Term Care Planning?

Nursing Home Problems and the Nursing Home Reform Act

The Burdens of Care-giving

Understanding Long Term Care

Long Term Care: Fact v. Fiction

Should You Buy Long Term Care Insurance?

Should your elderly parents come live with you?

National Spotlight on Local Retirement Community Park Springs

Aging Issues

Don’t Mess with Miss Watkins

Have You Heard of the Grandparent Scam?

New Limits to be Imposed on Hospital Billing Practices

Medicare Open Enrollment: What You Need to Know

Medicare Open Enrollment for 2016

The Affordable Care Act: Be Wary of Fraud

Lessons in Dementia

The Daily Report on Saving Grandma from the Grifters

Alzheimer’s Disease in the Spotlight at 2015 Academy Awards

Senior Care Center in Seattle Opens Preschool Inside its Facility

The End of the “File and Suspend” Social Security Strategy

Elder Law

DIY Elder Law Planning: Just Don’t Do It!

But You’re Not Old Enough to Practice Elder Law!

Welcome to the Elder Law Update!

Estate Planning Means Planning for Life: where estate planning and elder law meet

Who gave you that advice??? Why you should hire an Elder Law Attorney



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