Stop Senate Bill 202

Stop Senate Bill 202
Readers:  A bill is pending in the Georgia Senate that would solidify the enforceability of binding arbitration clauses in nursing home admission agreements.   (Thank you to the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association;  attorney Ira Leff;  and attorney Paul Black of the National Association of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA), Georgia Chapter, for helping spread the word about this bill.)
SB 202 would require seniors and their families to waive the resident’s right to a trial by jury – granted by the 7th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution – in a case against the nursing home.  
You can contact your local senator by clicking here, to voice your opinion on the pending bill.  The bill is up for vote early next week.
The Georgia Trial Lawyers Association recommended the following language:  SB 202 would allow nursing homes to force my loved ones and our family to sign away our constitutional right to trial by jury just so we can get our loved one into a nursing home. At a time when their profits are soaring and the quality of care they are providing is among the worst in the country, Georgia nursing homes do not deserve – or need – this accountability bailout. Please stop SB202 from getting out of committee or from passing the State Senate.

About Sarah R. Watchko, Esq.

Sarah R. Watchko is an attorney practicing estate planning and elder law in Atlanta, Georgia


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